Types of Weddings in Mauritius

What defines Mauritius? Well, it’s a volcanic island located on the South East coast of Africa, but it is known to everyone who lives there and who has visited as a paradise, notorious for its bountiful beaches, crystalline lagoons and stunning coral reefs. The island has a mountainous interior, covered in rainforests, waterfalls and lush ingenious greenery (perfect for the adventurous types!). Its hotels and staff really do offer the pinnacle of luxury to their guests, and the array of activities available is absolutely endless. Can you see why Mauritius is one of the world’s most sought after destination wedding locations?

Thousands of loved-up couples venture to the romantic island Mauritius to marry there each year. People would generally associate a Mauritius destination wedding as being on a white, sandy beach, but there are lots of wedding styles and themes on offer!


Authentic Indian Wedding

Mauritius destination weddings are catching up with Indian families, alongside wedding ceremonies and engagement photography. With many people actually from India travelling there directly through Air Mauritius, and with the island being influenced by Indian culture and with a large Indian diaspora, Indian wedding are on the rise. As Indian weddings tend to have several times the amount of guests, Mauritius is a great location with its vast beaches and big luxury hotels, and Mauritius shares customs and traditions with India.


Church Wedding

As Mauritius weddings are on the increase, there is more and more of a demand for couples to have a religious wedding in a church. Many luxury hotels have a chapel especially for their guests to marry in should they wish to.



Beach Wedding

What better place to go and marry than on the bountiful beaches of Mauritius? With their crystal-clear lagoons, powdery sands between your toes and the warm sun beating down on you and your guests… sounds like paradise, right? That’s why so money couples are jetting off to have this style of wedding, and it is also made much easier with all of the fabulous wedding packages so many luxury hotels have to offer, with all sorts of different themes and with different features so there is something to suit everyone. Many hotels even offer a complimentary wedding package with a minimum number of nights’ stay.


Image: Heritage Awali


Colonial Wedding

Mauritius is simply bursting with amazing wildlife away from the coastline too! With mountains covered in ingenious greenery and stunning views, what better way than to celebrate your love than being surrounded by nothing but nature and your closest love ones.



Underwater Wedding

Are you the type of couple who likes to step out of the norm? An underwater wedding is a unique and thrilling way to get married! Take a dive into the colourful waters of Mauritius, whether you dive regularly or have never dived before. Some places offer a submarine wedding package too, and the wedding photos would be amazing!



Catamaran Wedding

For complete intimacy and romance, cruise along the turquoise lagoon with your closest friends and family. Picture the sun setting over the ever-expanding Indian Ocean before you…


Private Island Wedding

For complete opulence and privacy, hire out the magical island of Ile des Deux Cocos, which for accommodation it has a large 421 sqm villa, built by one of the early British governors. This villa does not only offer luxury at its finest, but also holds traditional accents with a Moroccan-style courtyard and exquisite Mauritian interior.


Luxury Hotels in Mauritius

The hotels we sell are simply made for weddings, with most of them having a specialised wedding service that offers everything you could possibly need to make your big day as perfect as possible!


Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort

Luxury Holidays Mauritius - Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort -  Beach Aerial


Shandrani Resort & Spa Mauritius


Shandrani Resort and Spa - Mauritius - Hotel


Maritim Mauritius


Luxury Holidays Mauritius - Maritm Hotel - Infinity Pool 2

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