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Cancun: The Perfect Destination for Your Mexico Wedding Abroad

Known as ‘The Glistening City of Mexico’, Cancun is located on the Caribbean Sea in the southeast of Mexico, and is a renowned tourist location with millions of people visiting every year. Many people choose to say ‘I do’ in this magical destination and it’s not hard to see why. We have compiled a few reasons why Cancun is the perfect destination for your Mexico wedding.


For those of you looking for the perfect beach wedding, Cancun is simply the ideal choice for your wedding abroad with 14 miles of pristine beaches, glimmering azure waters and warm, powdery sands. Not only will your Mexico wedding photos look amazing, but there is also plenty of opportunity for sunbathing lovers to lounge around on the beach all day, basking in the glorious sunshine for that natural tan on your big day.


For lovers of adventure and activity, don’t worry there is plenty to see and do during your Mexico wedding. Why not explore The Great Mayan Barrier Reef?  It is the second biggest coral reef in the world, and part of it is conveniently located on the coast of Cancun. The Caribbean waters of Cancun are home to tens of thousands of marine species, making it a diver’s dream. The whale-shark migrates to these waters and can be spotted at certain points of the year by divers. These creatures are harmless to humans and swimming with one of these is definitely an experience not to be missed.


There is also the famous Cancun Underwater Museum, which has been put in place to encourage coral growth by using eco-friendly materials that will slowly develop into artificial coral reefs, helping the surrounding marine life to flourish and boosting the local ecosystem. The sculptures are designed to reflect a cultural but contemporary view on the evolving of the Mayan people during The Silent Revolution. This underwater sanctuary is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for people to see nature conservation at work in such a quirky and artistic form. A great afternoon out for you and your wedding guests during your Mexico wedding abroad!


For people that enjoy adventure above the water, there is plenty of opportunity for you and your wedding guests to explore Mexico’s rich culture on the Yucatan Peninsula by taking a day out to the Mayan Ruins. These include palaces, observatories, temple-pyramids and ceremonial sites; all in amazing condition and make a thoroughly interesting day out during your Mexico wedding abroad.


Cancun is also the home of many sea-turtles which leave their eggs on the beaches of Cancun. People on the shore often see the baby turtles make their way back to the sea and sometimes assist them in their journey to make sure they make it back safely. Animal lovers will find this very enjoyable and gratifying.


Another major attraction for Cancun is its nightlife. Notorious for its jam-packed clubs, live DJs, bars, lounges, and wide coverage of music genres, Cancun really is a place to party. You may have heard of some of its most famous clubs; Dady’O, Cocobongo and Grand Mambo Café, and most places also offer an all-you-can-drink cover charge. If you and your wedding guests want to party during your Mexico wedding abroad, then Cancun will be right up your street.


As you probably well know, Mexico loves its tequila. Although it is commonly drank as a tequila slammer (a shot with salt followed by a wedge of lime), it is in fact meant to be drank slowly and the flavour should be savoured. You can find out about about the many ways the beverage can be drank and taste different types of the drink at the Tequila Herradura Museo Sensorial.


We love Cancun for its huge choice in super-luxurious hotels that offer countless different wedding packages to suit everyone’s tastes. It is no wonder that it is such a hot-spot for people seeking a blissful beach wedding destination. Le Blanc Spa Resort is one of our absolute favourites; this 5 star paradise offers all-inclusive luxury with its adults-only status and personal butler service. Our Secrets Silversands Riviera Resort offers the true essence of romance with its chic décor, swim-out suites and world class spa. Take a look at our other Mexico wedding resorts to find out which resort is perfect for you.




Cancun is a picture-perfect wedding abroad paradise with it’s lush beaches, but beneath the surface it really does offer guests the perfect holiday destination with something for everyone. Your wedding guests will love your Mexico wedding whether they enjoy lounging in the sun, partying the night away or cultural explorations. Cancun offers something to keep each and every one of you entertained, which is why it makes such a popular and sought after wedding destination!


If you would like more information about a Mexico wedding abroad or any information about our other wedding destinations, please speak to one of our Wedding Specialists on 0121 440 6268 or submit an online enquiry.

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