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Beach Wedding Essentials

One of the most fun things about getting married is the fact that you can tailor-make your wedding to suit your every desire. From your dress to the invitations, no matter how big or small the detail, you can make it your own. A beach wedding allows you to design your wedding with a sea-side feel, giving lots of room to play with fun ideas for your wedding essentials. This is harder than it may first seem though, as you need to choose carefully which items complement each other well as well as blending in seamlessly with the beautiful surroundings. Honeymoon Dreams has come up with some cute and quirky beach-themed wedding essentials for your beach wedding abroad.


A Shoe Rack

A shoe rack is a great addition to any beach wedding set-up; it is practical and also adds character to your surroundings! Your guests will certainly thank you when they can leave the beach afterwards with sand-free shoes!



Lighting plays an essential part in creating an ambience for any place or event you visit. You could use traditional lanterns, fairy lights, or even candles if it isn’t too breezy.

Beach Wedding Essentials - lightingImage: Dinarobin Mauritius



If your wedding ceremony is during the day, or in a country where it is still very hot even into dusk, your wedding guests will love having a fan at hand for when it gets that little bit too hot. You can choose random designs, themed designs or choose them simply to match your colour pallet. To make them that extra bit special, why not tie a little message to them, or add the name of the person that will be given that fan?



Fireworks have always been a thing of celebration, and what better celebration is there than your wedding? Fireworks also make a great photo moment to add to your wedding photography album!


Barefoot Sandals

Barefoot sandals are more practical than shoes and will add a little sparkle to your feet. They will look great on your bridesmaid’s feet too!

Beach Wedding Essentials - barefootImage: Dinarobin Mauritius


Message in a Bottle

As a wedding favour, why not leave your guests a message in a bottle on their seats? Not only is this thoughtful and different, but it keeps perfectly to your beach theme!



Another way to add character to your wedding could be by adding a sign directing your guests to where the ceremony is, where the dining will take place, or with just you and your partner’s names and the date of your wedding. Signs are another great opportunity for a great wedding snap, just like in the one below!



Centrepieces add a even more of a WOW-factor to your wedding decor. You can have them all the same or different, you can make them yourself or buy them hand-crafted for that special touch. These are an essential to any beach wedding, and you can have them exactly how you want!

Beach Wedding Essentials - Centerpeices Image: Dinarobin Mauritius


Are you dreaming of a beach wedding in a magical destination such as Mexico or Mauritius? Be sure to check out our stunning beach wedding resorts here. To enquire, simply call us on 0121 440 6268 or leave us an online enquiry! 

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